Symbol Content Override

Jerôme Achin

CFO, Jerôme is managing our financil office from our Paris rive gauche headquarters.

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Jimmie P. Roni

Jimmie works from Casablanca and will very soon integrate John's team in R&D.

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Jarod Köenel

Jarod is an independant researcher from Berlin. He's conducting customers surveys for us.

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John Simms

John is our chief engineer and currently leads the creation of our R&D department.

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Jonah Scheff

Jonah is the head of quality control. His teams all work remotely from 10 different countries.

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Jesse Locke

Jesse is director of overseas marketing operations. He's working from Iceland half of the year.

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Jaleel Ari

Jaleel works from the Barcelone Offices where he has the role of Coordinator and Manager.

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Jones Dude

Jones is the CTO of ACME Tech. He works remotely from Berlin and travel to Barcelone 4 times a year.

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Get started with Symbol Content Override

All you need to know in just a few seconds.

1. Create fields

Open the Symbol, select the root element, then create fields for texts, images, links...

2. Link to fields

Open the symbol, select each of the elements and link them to the fields.

3. Override content

Select a copy of the Symbol, then override the content of the field in the Symbol Instance panel

Notice how there are three different ways to select the Symbol. Each of those three ways will show different options in the Settings Panel.

1. Open the Symbol (double click) and select the root element. This will allow you to create fields for the Symbol.

2. Open the Symbol and select a child element. This will allow you to link the element to a filed you've created

3. select the symbol itself (just click on it). This will allow you to override the content in all the linked fields

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